For more than 20 years we have been selecting the best genetics obtained in our research in order to offer a worldwide distribution of cannabis seeds.

Resulting in a vast genetic reservoir, ranging from varieties with high THC content, balanced THC/CBD ratio and high CBD varieties. Also maintaining a optimum terpenoid characteristic.

Since the discovery of THC, in the last decades, the majority of seed banks have focused on high-thc cannabis, and recently (the last two years) a wide repertoire of varieties of CBD has appeared, due to its various health benefits.

We, since the beginning have focused on genetics with high CBD (pure CBD) and balanced CBD and THC varieties. Our genetics are recognized with various international awards that guarantee maximum quality.

We will continue our research in vanguard of the best genetics and offer the best selection for our clients. In addition, with an eye on the future we will continue developing varieties with other dominant cannabinoids.