Industrial Hemp

At R and D cannabinoid, we promote the cultivation of industrial hemp and we have the conviction that this plant is going to play a major role in the present and shaping the future of our society. As the world tries to reduce its over dependence on fossil fuels, we believe hemp could be one of the super crop we might rely on. Our experience with this crop allows us to serve people who need information, farmers interested in cultivating and entrepreneurs who would like to exploits hemps full potential. Some of the services we offer are personalized and adapted to the need of our clients. Growing: -Selection and supply of European certified seed -Design and management of the growing type -Design and management of irrigation -Tracking of the crop and pests Transformation: -Design and construction of machinery for drying -Selection of transformation machinery (for oil, cbd extraction, ...) -Packaging and shipping General: -Legal advice -Supply and distribution of all raw materials derived from hemp