Much of the media focuses on cannabis research by people: medicinal advantages, addictive risks, socio-economic impacts. Because the stories of people are sold! They evoke emotion, inspire action, make headlines and relate to the masses, all of which attracts the attention of the media.
And while this research is good and necessary, cannabis is also a plant, and as a plant studies are needed to determine the taxonomy of the plant, which provide stability and efficiency to the crop.
Every scientist, laboratory technician and medical researcher knows that the proper science requires the elimination of unwanted variables. Control their inputs and ensure their consistency when these inputs are plant material is best achieved through research facilities in plant sciences.
RDC uses different types of facilities such as interiors or high technology controlled greenhouses to develop various types of research, ranging from the morphology of the plant to cultivation and crop standardizations.
We are currently developing studies related to:
-Taxonomic studies
                          i.  Breeding studies (crossing studies)
                          ii.  Genetics develop
                          iii.  Stabilitzations
-Tissue culture studies
-Organic and mineral fertilizers