• Research Desenvolupament

  • Research Desenvolupament


Different investigations carried out in the field of medical cannabis by Rd ​​Cannabinoid.


Cannabis cultivation according to its use, medicinal, industrial or for research.


Catalog with 200 genetics destined for production and 1100 destined for research.


Discover the awards we have applied to the research and development of medicinal cannabis.


Objectives of the company in the study of cannabis

The study of the mechanisms that regulate the transmission of hereditary or genetic traits is the cornerstone of the development and achievement of the objectives of RDC, in the attainment, conservation and improvement of the own genetic varieties.


What we offer

Advice and consultation
Our specialized technicians offer our clients the planning, design, management and supervision of a personalized cultivation plan.
With its benefits proven, the scientific community around the world is increasingly in favor of the use of medicinal cannabis in medical treatments.
Practical training
Every day more universities, whether in the field of medicine, agriculture or industry, are integrating training subjects in cannabis.


We know that Cannabis has had and has a very important role in countless cultures around the world and we are convinced that it will shape the future of our society since it plays many keys, from to help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels to the world of leisure through: lending a hand to medicine, offering resistant high-quality materials to the industry, complementing the field of food and cosmetics.
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Awards and research

CBD Bubba Kush

THC Valencia, Valencia 2020

Hach CBD Category: 1st position

Champions cup Spannabis, Barcelona 2020

Category of flower with the highest amount of CBD: 1st position

Champions cup Spannabis, Barcelona 2020

Extractions category without hydrocarbons: 1st position with the highest amount of cannabinoids
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RD Cannabinoid in pictures

RDC; Enthusiasm, passion and dedication are the key of our success!

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