Find out more about the almost 15 years of history of RD Cannabinoid. Below you can see in detail what we have lived from our beginnings to the present.
  • 2008 - The beginnings
  • 2012 - AFAK
  • 2012 - CBD Botanic
  • 2014 - World development
  • 2015 - RDC
  • 2016 / to date
  • 2016/2018 - Industrial
  • 2017/2018 - Switzerland cultivation
  • 2018 - Large-scale cultivation
  • 2019 - Canada
  • 2020 - Theoretical development
  • 2021 - Genetic development

2008 - The beginnings - The CBD as protagonist

The beginnings of the DRC team begin with the development of the first varieties of pure CBD Cannabis, this work, developed as self-employed individuals, working for the service offering services to internationally renowned companies, marked the beginning of an idea and a dream of what we are carrying out today, the creation of a company that makes a vertical integration of in the processes of Cannabis in all its expression, from genetic research or development, to the final product.

2012 - AFAK

The creation of the association for phytotherapy and cultural action (AFAK) helped this dream to take on its own structure, created an organizational entity and help capitalize on the knowledge and efforts created by the founding partners of the DRC. Combining efforts and knowledge between aromatic and medicinal plants and the use of Cannabis in its most therapeutic aspect through CBD. (IMCPC)

2012 - CBD Botanic

Through acquired knowledge, self-employment and genetic development, the CBD Botanic seed bank is now recognized as a model. CBD Botanic is a seed bank born with the aim of offering an innovative and new vision of the use of Cannabis. We promote a responsible, knowledgeable and balanced use between recreational and therapeutic use. CDB Botanic focused on offering, and continues to offer today on a daily basis, a very careful and high quality selection of seeds with ranges of cannabinoids balanced between CBD and THC and of pure CBD.

2014 - World development

The great work with the CBD and the seed bank led the DRC team to forge a worldwide reputation, with a distribution on more than 3 continents. This reputation served to enable the team to develop its client portfolio and increase its operations globally in the most pioneering countries in the industry. Canada was a country where we were able to negotiate and work with several pioneering companies in the cannabis sector, from the production of medicinal cannabis to extraction systems and final product development.

2015 - RDC

Finally at the end of 2014 beginning of 2015 Research Development Cannabinoid begins its nature as a company pursuing the goals and values of creating the industrialization of a vertical integration system based in the production, research and development of Cannabis. Its first objectives are to establish itself in Europe as one of the most important genetic banks and to develop good practice in the Cannabis sector and the standards necessary for the production of Cannabis, the long-term goals are framed in large-scale cultivation, global expansion and aid in socio-economic and solidarity development of the most needy sectors and countries (lack of cultivation, marked by capitalist systems or empowerment….)

2016 / to date - Research, Development and Innovation

A period of research begins, where genetic stabilization is worked on, an extensive genetic bank is developed, and studies of behavior, morphology, chemotype and the cannabis genotype are developed. Job opportunities are created, student training programs are conducted and scientific studies are generated. At the scientific level, the DRC has been and is cooperating with universities, research centers and independent researchers for the development and improvement of Cannabis.

2016/2018 - Industrial hemp Spain

The large-scale development and industrialization of hemp in Spain, specifically in the province of Girona, follows the objectives set by the company as a double-edged sword, on the one hand industrialization, biomass processing, standards in large-scale cultivation that are fundamental tools that we continue to use today, and on the other hand help the development of the economy with sustainable agriculture emerged from this project a new agricultural crop in the region that continues to grow and help the farming community today.

2017/2018 - Switzerland large-scale cultivation

For two years the DRC focused part of its activity on the mass development of CBD flower crops for the tobacco industry in Switzerland. The developed crops were oriented in different parameters of action, such as greenhouse crops, both under bio and mineral quality standards, outdoor crops and indoor crops. Apart from the large-scale production itself DRC had the recognition of the best indoor flower produced in all Swiss.

2018 - Large-scale cultivation by the medical cannabis industry

During one year of work, DRC designed the adaptation of a 20,000m2 greenhouse for the medical cannabis industry, prepared the protocols and standards for cultivation and management of staff and started a THC and CBD cultivation project for the Medicinal Cannabis industry. This project is still working today and the DRC is still a party as a genetic supplier

2019 - Pharmaceutical contract Canada. DNA analysis

During 2019, efforts will focus on working for a pharmaceutical company in Canada, where the implementation of standards and protocols becomes a technical and cooperative work challenge. During this process the development of the genome analysis processes of the DRC genetic bank begins.

2020 - A year of theoretical development and bureaucratic advances

This year is a year marked by a global pandemic, which paralyzed markets and industries and slowed down the development of projects. However, those year was a key year in DRC's own development at the international level, is a year where DRC joins a group of medicinal cannabis in South Africa where they work with a seed to sale project (from seed to sale) in large-scale with European quality standards. The DRC Thailand project, which is part of genetic research, the development of sustainable economies and large-scale future production, is also underway.

2021 - Genetic development and large-scale production of CBD and medicinal Cannabis

2021 is off to a strong start, starting large-scale projects with CBD cultivation in indoor crops and medicinal cannabis cultivation projects and expanding the international sales network. Bigger investments are opening up and a new stage in the global development and cultivation of cannabis at the industrial and medicinal level are the main focuses of work.

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