Cannabis cultivation and its different destinations

We know that Cannabis has had and has a very important role in countless cultures around the world and we are convinced that it will shape the future of our society since it plays many keys, from to help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels to the world of leisure through: lending a hand to medicine, offering resistant high-quality materials to the industry, complementing the field of food and cosmetics.

We believe that the crop of Cannabis will be one of the leading agriculture in the world order and, consequently, we dedicate all our knowledge and efforts to promote it widely. RDC's commitment encompasses projects, both national and international, intended at the medicinal uses of cannabinoids, large-scale industrial crops and crops for research.

Each destination of use receives all the attention and care provided to In order to obtain the best possible results according to the needs of the demand to be covered and always framing them within the different regulations and laws that define the cultivation framework and the acceptable genetic requirements for each current regulation.


The different types of cultivation that we carry out can be outdoor, indoor or greenhouse according to demand requirements. We must remember that although each of these forms has its advantages, cannabis grown indoors is just as good as cannabis grown outdoors.

The crops grown under any of these three types can be used, in the same way, for crops intended for medicinal use , industrial or research.

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