Collaboration RDC - Cannabis research institutes

RDC Collaboration - Cannabis research institutes

Research Development Cannabinoid S.L. (DRC), signed several collaboration agreements to develop cannabis research and development programs, with the aim of focusing on technologies and techniques for cultivation and standardization of cannabis varieties and creating new cannabis germplasm with stable and unique chemical compositions.

The collaborations were extensive to the creation of a knowledge center from which to provide practical experiences in experimentation and cultivation of medicinal cannabis, which actively involved teachers, researchers and students, creating a dynamic for the exchange of ideas and experiences. All this work was carried out in state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities.

We work in close cooperation with university and state authorities complying with rules and regulations and implementing strict protocols for movement in cultivation facilities.

The cultivation facilities are updated and maintained to provide a suitable environment for the cultivation of new varieties of medical cannabis and research.

For breeding and research facilities, the necessary requirements are met in terms of phytosanitary matters, thus ensuring conditions free of pests and diseases in the building, facilities and equipment, throughout the process.

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