Thailand Operational

Thailand Operational

Thailand is the right place to grow.

As an emerging market, there is a demand for consistent premium quality medical-grade cannabis not being met by local growers.

Premium quality flowers instead are being imported by distributors from the Americas and Europe. Our ability to grow to the highest level of industry standards (EU GMP) sets us apart from the majority of local producers allowing us to charge a premium for our products locally.

Fully Integrated Team

Grow is an international team of award winning master growers, botanists, researchers, designers, and industry professionals. Together we have the ability to produce high-quality, pure medical-grade cannabis flowers in Thailand for wellness distribution globally.

Our Expertise

Our specialist team has over 28 years of cannabis industry experience and the skills, and nohow to grow in Thailand. We have a unique award-winning genetics We are able to consistently produce, well-structured, premium-quality THC and CBD medical-grade dried flowers, equal to our international competitors and the very best that will be offered in the market in Thailand.
Aleix Marca Berenguer - Geneticist + Master grower
Controlled Production

Our flowers are grown in laboratory conditions to EU GMP Standards.

We monitor and control every aspect of the production environment, allowing us to optimise yields and repeatedly produce flowers at an exceptionally high standard of purity and quality.

We use specialist software based on blockchain technology to track every step of production through to certification. This allows us to charge above-market rates and provide the reliability and reassurance that our clients require.
Xavier Martinez Bertran - Master grower

Our Network

We have an established network of buyers, dispensaries, and clients allowing us to distribute our products both nationally and internationally for the greatest market returns

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