Crops destined for research

Crops destined for research

The potency and therapeutic and medicinal capacities of cannabis and its variety of hemp are widely proven in many medical fields with very positive palliative and curative results for many affectations, but we must continue researching in order to obtain a more careful and powerful medicinal action, to expand its applicability and fields of action as well as, to know and alleviate addictive risks.

Research on the improvements of the variety of hemp for industrial uses they are important for obtaining more productive agricultural varieties and for the study and knowledge of their socioeconomic impact.

RDC is strongly committed to research. Its reason for being is none other than the development of tools for the genetic improvement of the cannabis plant. We do field trials, selective crosses and use molecular marker technology to do research. genomic ion that allows us a quick and precise improvement of the plant.

Our job is to obtain plants with added value, which adapt to different environments; varieties with different cannabinoid profiles according to the demands of the pharmaceutical industry; varieties with greater resistance to pests and diseases; plants with high quality and / or seed productivity, etc.

We carry out experimental crops in different types of indoor facilities or controlled greenhouses equipped with high technology that allow us to carry out different types of studies: genetic, epidemiological and analytical.

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